Tune in and turn up

One week ago today was the yearly MTV VMAs. What struck me about the event, besides Miley Cyrus twerking, was how it seemed all the videos that won awards, weren’t all that visually impressive, but were rather simply the clips that accompanied hits songs. But even by that logic, where was the award for the unrated version of “Blurred Lines“? Who didn’t love that clip? Regardless, here are five great videos that dropped this week.

BANKS – Waiting Game

I’m personally a big fan of this track from BANKS, and the video works well with the sounds. BANKS will be supporting The Weeknd on his forthcoming fall tour, so catch her if you can.

Still Corners – Fireflies

This one debuted on Vogue, so you know the outfits are on point. Shot in Oregon, the Christian Sorensen Hansen-directed video captures what they call the “hot, mirage-y” feel of “Fireflies.” It’s a nice end of summer view.

The National – Graceless

From our post earlier this week: “Although The National is known for their rather somber demeanor, the band was able to let loose in the best way they know how: shooting potato guns, riding bicycles into pools and shotgunning a ton of beer; in suits.” Party on.

Jay Z featuring Justin Timberlake – Holy Grail

Most of you will have caught this one earlier this week, but if not, the official visual for Jay Z and JT’s track “Holy Grail” is worthy viewing that directly picks up the visual identity of the album.

Dizzee Rascal – I Don’t Need A Reason

Dizzee is the king. From crazy eyeballs to incredible video loops, this video has and is everything. Watch and be amazed.

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