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New York City fragrance design company Joya and world-renowned department store Harrods came together for a limited edition scented candle. It comes in a striking black porcelain container designed by acclaimed Brooklyn-based ceramic artist Sarah Cihat, as well as a unique metal accessory doubling as a lid and base, designed by Michael Miller of emerging jewelry collective K/LLER COLLECTION. The fragrance, “Oud, Leather & Plume Cedar,” blends notes of heartwood, suede, saddle leather, guiacwood, vetiver, santal and cedar. The candle’s volume boasts an impressive 21.5 ounces or 610 grams, which is four times as much as a regular luxury scented candle.

The limited edition candle will be available soon exclusively at Harrods for a retail price of  £499 (approximately $775).

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