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Globe Specs
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One of the smartest eyewear stores we’ve seen in quite some time, Globe Specs of Tokyo join forces with Free & Easy and Beauty & Youth to create a unique set of frames. From everyone’s favourite ‘pictures of amazing stuff’ magazine Free & Easy, ‘The Drayton.’ Nickel plated stainless steel and 100% Japanese Acetate Frames, these come with Carl Zeiss Vision CR-39 lenses and a smart ‘Rugged Factory’ hard case. Beauty & Youth work on styles based around ‘The Barracks.’ Sunglasses and eyeglasses in varying shades and shapes inspired by ’50s classics, Clubmasters and Wayfarers, this set comes in a brilliant MA-1 inspired case with original A. Sabatino Art dust cloth. Each as good as the next, for the first time outside of Asia, find them all at Self Edge.

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