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Dior Homme commissions artists Aaron Curry and Matt Keegan for store installations in Los Angeles and New York, respectively. Both were chosen by creative director Kris Van Assche for their residency in each city and their unique styles affected by each local culture.

Curry, who is known for his “goofy and strange” aesthetic, makes a curvy window display out of cardboard covered with photos of his own magnified skin. According to the artist, it points to how “people obsess about their bodies before getting dressed.”

In contrast to Curry’s cardboard sculpture, Keegan’s is shiny stainless steel. It has a phrase holed in that reads, “How do I look?,” again speaking to what we tend to obsess over, especially when we shop.

To see the pieces, visit 17 E 57th Street, New York or 315 N Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills.

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