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Following our curated Buyer’s Guide on grooming products from last month, we got in touch with Berlin-based designers Nathan Cowen and Jacob Klein, best known under their nom de guerre Haw-lin. What started out as an online mood board – a place to share their daily inspiration – soon evolved into one of the most revered and respected sources for everything eye-pleasing, ranging from industrial design and fashion to the downright obscure. Eventually Haw-lin Services was born, which finally turned their talent into serious cash and – even more – fame, collaborating with such respected names as Opening Ceremony on their lookbook. As design aficionados ourselves, and big admirers of Nathan and Jacob’s work, we’re proud to present our latest Buyer’s Guide curated by Haw-lin. See it after the jump.


Egon Eiermann – Table Base

The classic German design studio table base – you see it in almost every studio around Berlin but it is a functional and classic design. There are many different customizable options that allow for the perfect adjustment to your environment. We would go for the simple black base and glossy white table top. Get yours now at smow.


Konstantin Grcic – Diana F

One of our favorite pieces from one of our favorite contemporary designers. This side table, which is part of the beautiful “Diana” series and slightly out of our price range, is made from sheet metal and powder coated in a variety of colors. Get it at ClassiCon.


Sebastian Schoenheit – December Lamp

Composed of aluminium and LEDs, this modern lamp is designed by one of the best up-and-coming designers (Sebastian) and produced by one the best up-and-coming companies (New Tendency) in Berlin. Get it at NEW TENDENCY.


Stefan Diez – CH4 Houdini Chair

After working for Konstantin Grcic, Diez has been successfully experimenting within many different fields of industrial design and has collaborated with some amazing brands and designers, including his wife Saskia Diez. This chair was designed for the furniture company e15 and can also be customized with different wood and upholstery. Get it at e15.


Ayzit Bostan – AB 1 Tote

Our new friend Ayzit Bostan has recently collaborated with Philipp Bree on his newly launched bag label, “PB 0110.” With the AB 1, she has redefined the classic tote bag with the addition of a beautiful adjustable hand/shoulder strap and modern geometric proportions. This bag as well as the entire label uses vegetable-tanned leather which allows the bag to naturally grow with its owner. Coincidentally, we designed the CI and were responsible for the campaign photography. You can cop it now here.


Christian Metzner – Doppeltes Lottchen Glass Pitcher

These glass pitchers seem like a necessity for any European coffee drinker. Christian’s design uses a very high quality, very thin glass which allows for a very surprising lightness and elegant pouring experience. You can get it MONOQI.


Philipp Mainzer – CM05 Habibi Tray/Side Table

A great piece from the founder of e15, seemingly influenced by his wife’s background. You can purchase it at e15.


Richard Sapper – Tizio Lamp

Jacob adopted this lamp from his father and paved the way for his interest in design. You can get your very own one at Artemide.


Dieter Rams – 606 Universal Shelving System

The best modular shelving system in the world. Hopefully this promotion will move us one step closer to owning one for ourselves. Get it now at Vitsoe.


Max Bill – Ulm Stool

We cheated a little here, as Max Bill is Swiss but he was involved with the Bauhaus Dessau and was credited for reinterpreting the school’s theory. Also, this stool, which can also be used as a shelf, was actually designed by Hans Gugelot. Bill provided the first design sketch on a napkin. You can get it at Manufactum.

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