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What started as a niche skate shoe brand not that long ago, has become one of the bigger players in the skate and lifestyle footwear markets. Many would agree with us when we say that the success that the California shoe brand has had in recent years can largely be attributed to the release of the original SUPRA Skytop. Today we can show you the next version of the popular franchise, an ongoing collaboration with Chad Muska – the SUPRA Skytop IV.

The new SUPRA Skytop 4 was inspired by a lot of things and nicely fuses the past, present and future of the market. From classic skate shoes, iconic sneaker silhouettes and that “new” fashion touch that people seem to be looking for, a lot of different styles and looks are reunited in the high top sneaker. The big flap that wraps around the ankle is also an interesting design element that was adapted from the Skytop 3. The flap will only come with the first original releases of the sneaker, so a rather limited feature for a limited time.

What are your thoughts on the new SUPRA Skytop IV?

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