Another week, another five Tumblrs for you to enjoy. As always, the vast and seemingly endless Tumblr-verse provides us with a well-balanced mix of art, music, babes, and the downright obscure, including fine art classics sporting the faces of Jay Z and Beyoncé, amazing water color art by UK-based illustrator Kate Copeland, punk and new wave photography, and more. Tell us what you think down in the comments section and don’t forget to add some suggestions for future installments.

Decapitate Animals

Decapitate Animals is one of these rare Tumblr gems which not only impress with an expertly curated set of images, but clearly show that someone put a lot of thought, effort and love in his selection.



If you’re looking for a Tumblr blog with a dash of sophistication and understated cool check out BlackBook. The acclaimed magazine’s Tumblr presence provides a healthy dose of everything lifestyle-related, however, with a clear focus on movies and art.


Carter Family Portraits

Iconic art pieces blended with today’s pop icons – The Carter Family. As the connoisseur and lover of fine arts he is, or wants to be known as, Jay Z would probably approve.


Kate Copeland

If you haven’t already noticed Kate Copeland’s elaborate water color works in such prestigious publications as The Times or Wallpaper*, be sure to check them out on her Tumblr blog.

Zombies En El Ghetto

Zombies En El Ghetto rounds up a great selection of photographs and paraphernalia from the late 1970s and 1980s punk and new wave underground.

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