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After a brief hiatus we’re back with the next installment in our Spring/Summer 2014 trends series. Rick Williams and Ro Spit of Detroit’s Burn Rubber are next up to share their thoughts on what they saw at the market shows in Las Vegas and beyond. Read on to learn more about what Rick and Ro think about the goods they will be hitting shops early next year.

1. Most exciting new brand you saw.
Rick: I’m looking forward to what John Elliott + Co has to offer.

Ro: The most exciting new brand that I saw was John Elliott – it was clean, the quality was there with comfort, and not crazy expensive.

2. Your favorite overall SS14 collection.
Rick: Out of everything that I looked at for our stores, the thing that stands out to me is actually Publish Brand’s star polka dot collection. They used a star polka dot pattern to create a collection of pants, woven shirts, tees, hoodies and hats. They did this in three or four colorways. I’m looking forward to receiving this in our store.

Ro: My favorite overall SS14 collection is probably 10.Deep. They stay consistent and always push the limits in streetwear.

3. Your favorite individual SS14 product.
Rick: The Publish Brand olive star polka dot Jogger Pants.

Ro: Comfortable sportswear. The slim jogging pants is the win. Not the drop-crotch Hammer pants joggies though, can’t rock with them at all.

4. What did you buy that is new to your shop?
Rick: We picked up John Elliott + Co for our clothing store Two/Eighteen by Burn Rubber. They present a dope take on the classic basic.

Ro: Accessories. We haven’t done that much in the past, but we are looking to build on that in the future.

5. Trends for SS14 that you’ve seen.
Rick: I remember a couple of years ago seeing everyone using camo. Now it seems that it’s “all black everything.”

Ro: The trend that I mostly seen for SS14 is comfort, comfort, comfort.

6. What would you like to see more of next season?
Rick: I would like to see more rugby-style shirts. I think that the rugby is a classic piece that would be a great addition to any wardrobe.

Ro: I would like to see quality over quantity and better prices.

7. What would you like to see less of next season?
Rick: I’m not a big fan of the drop-crotch (Hammer) pant. I wouldn’t mind never seeing them again!

Ro: Dear God. Please tone down the leather clothes. Only comedians doing a movie for their stand up show should wear leather head to toe.

8. What are your thoughts on the changing landscape of the Vegas shows: Modern Assembly moving in with Agenda, Liberty, etc.?
Rick: I think it’s interesting to say the least. It definitely feels like we are in the middle of a change. I’m looking forward to see where everything lands come February.

Ro: I think it’s dope, I love how it’s all in one spot and we can knock everything out all under one roof.

9. Favorite thing about Vegas.
Rick: All of the lights! Seriously though, my favorite part about Vegas is getting the chance to catch up with all of my friends in the industry. We talk via text and email so much through out the year its dope the get the chance to kick it in person.

Ro: My favorite thing about Vegas in general is that the city literally never sleeps. Oooh, kill ’em.

10. Favorite place to eat in Vegas.
Rick: Bachi Burger

Ro: I don’t really have a favorite, but we went to Mastro’s in the mall next to the Aria. The food was unbelievable and the butter cake is so good, it almost makes you say forget the food, and just order dessert.

Photography: Luis Ruano/

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