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We’re huge fans of Hærfest since day one, looking forward to each and every new collection of their uniquely designed and expertly-crafted accessories. Probably no less enthusiastic about the New York-based company, the guys at Freunde von Freunden caught up with the three brains behind the brand at their Brooklyn studio to discuss their professional backgrounds, the brand’s philosophy, and of course their outstanding products.

Tim: We wanted to have this imaginary company and this type of collaborative environment where we could be passionate about what we were doing and work with talented people we love. We didn’t know if we should provide a product or if we should provide a service, but we thought to ourselves, “you know, Harvest would be a great name because harvest is about putting a lot of love and care into the things you do and knowing that you reap what you sow. You pour all your energy and efforts into good things.”
Gino: And that grows into something great.
Tim: The standard spelling felt a bit generic and heavily referenced agriculture. We then found that there was an old English way of spelling it: Hærfest. I think that makes it more substantial. It really captured that rewarding feeling and that spirit that we pour into what we do and what we make. The feeling is really rewarding for us and hopefully rewarding to the people who buy our products.
Gino: It also references days of simpler times in the past.

Be sure to head over to Freunde von Freunden to read the entire interview.

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