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The beginning week of September plays host to New York Fashion Week, where some of the finest brands come together to showcase the wares from their Spring/Summer 2014 collections. Some of our favorites that we managed to catch included the Mark McNairy show, Public School NYC, N.HOOLYWOOD, and the elegant Robert Geller. If these shows weren’t enough of an indication of what to expect from the coming season, we made sure we had our eagle-eyed photographers ready to capture the fashion-action that was going on outside of the venues.

Estimated delivery time of the above fashion collections is five to six months, but these street style trends are happening right now. Compiling a list of the seven most commonly occurring, let’s see which ones make the cut, coming to a street near you soon.


1. Sleeveless Vest Jackets

The sleeve length is another variation for the designer to play with, and in this case they’ve just chopped the whole thing right off. Worn on its own or worn over shirts, it’s the perfect layering piece. The look was seen in abundance on the streets of NYC and it’s going to take you right through all of the seasons – you can’t argue with that. And these? Oh, these are just my massive biceps, no biggy.


2. Ankles

In the past, the male ankle area has been frequently overlooked and hugely under-appreciated, but thankfully the winds of fashion are changing. People are realizing the ankle territory offers a whole new world of sartorial opportunity. The height of your sneaker, the choice of your sock, the length to which you decide to roll up the hem of your trouser leg, and the countless combinations these variables offer. The balmy weather of NYFW meant that keeping ankles airy was in the best interests of many, but don’t let the dropping temperatures dampen your spirit. Check out our patterned socks Buyer’s Guide for plenty of options to keep your heel region warm.


3. Bold Patterns

Other than camouflage, the presence of bold, eye-catching prints were relatively absent from the European fashion weeks this year. In New York it was a different story altogether. It’s either an indication of New Yorkers’ preference for less subdued clothing, or a sign of the way things will be going over the next few months. The beauty of this trend is that you can either dip your toe in with a smattering of pattern on a backpack, or completely immerse yourself in print drowning.


4. Backwards Caps

Wearing a cap backwards used to be a nonchalant twist to an outfit – a casual and unconscious alteration made out of practical purposes, like pushing up a sleeve or tying your shirt round your waist. Well not anymore. Some caps these days are made to be worn backwards. See the caps above? French brand MORT just knew that you can’t have a French slogan that translates as death worn on the front of the cap. Keep that shit facing backwards so when onlookers glance as you and your crew saunter past, you can think to yourself, “OMG guys we are literally killing it.”


5. Leather

Despite the unseasonally balmy conditions of New York, the hordes of fashion-types were still insisting on pulling out their animal hides. From jackets to vests, bags to caps, and all garments in between, unfortunately for animals it seems leather is the material du jour. It’s more of a lifestyle choice than a trend, leather is a choice of quality and longevity – you’re committing to a lifelong partnership here. Enjoy the evolution of your relationship, how you age with each other – changing and molding, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. It’s a beautiful thing.


6. Team Jersey Tops

Baseball jerseys were a big look throughout the fashion weeks of Europe but New York has seen an influx of football ones. The type that would originally have the players’ name emblazoned across the back but now instead feature some of our favorite designers’. The style began with brands such as Les Plus Dorés, but the formula has now been adopted by many a label attempting to give an even wittier spin on it. The above shirt, for instance, has employed the use of the elusive Illuminati and their magic numerology. Being a member is probably the only way you can get your hands on one – super exclusive limited edition.


7. Being Nick Wooster

It’s no menswear fashion show without Nick Wooster. After the announcement that he’s bought a partnership stake in Atrium, his presence at New York Fashion Week was even more solid than his stance. Which, by the way, is all in the ratio of the square armfold to bicep-width to facial-grooming. His tailoring choices are classically cut, but he plays it up with patterns and prints. And he just loves a short-sleeved shirt – yeah he might wear three-piece suits but he’s got a fuckload of tattoos and he’s no qualms with making sure everybody knows.

Photography: Justin Bridges /

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