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We take a look inside the debut issue of New York art magazine, Let’s Panic. The biannual unbound, oversized periodical is the product of total non-direction and the creative freedom of all editors, photographers, artists, and contributors involved in the project. The magazine stresses the importance of printed material and considers the publication an “artfully crafted object” form. Inside Let’s Panic are an assortment of articles and photography from the likes of Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, John Waters, and Harmony Korine. Inge Foneyne opens the issue with a spread of Polaroids from 1987 – 1993 featuring a variety of familiar faces and stars.

The 180-page Let’s Panic magazine is printed on oversized 135-gram Kiara paperstock and available in a print run of 3,500 issues for $60. Well worth the cover price.


Words by Thomas Welch
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