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Margaret Howell

Margaret Howell continues her support of Open House London, a brilliant event taking place this weekend which, in simple terms, allows ordinary folk to wander around some of the most amazing private homes and buildings in the city across two days. “Open-City actively promotes public engagement and education programmes, encouraging a dialogue about the built environment and urban regeneration projects.” Having championed sites such as The Royal Festival Hall, Swiss Cottage Library, Balfron Tower and Span Housing, this time round Battersea Power Station will be receiving the designer’s support. Here we look at a set of postcards made exclusively for the event and available at the Power station and select venues, featuring landmarks such as BT Tower, 2 Willow Road (home of architect Ernö Goldfinger) and a few other favourites. Take a look in the gallery for more and head to the Open London website for more on the event.

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