We all long for those days in fall that are cold and crisp with the sun still shining through the half-browned leaves. It’s the stuff poetry is made of. Unfortunately, we’re not always so lucky. And the antithesis of those days are made up of a smattering of all the worst elements together: cold, windy, rainy. Yuck. Dressing for this weather while looking your usual dope self is a real balancing act, and sometimes one that falls over. So we’re here to help. Here’s an outfit we’ve put together with combating that water from the sky in mind.


Stutterheim Stockholm Raincoat

If you’ve ever felt the fabric of one of these Stutterheim raincoats, you’ll know there’s probably nothing in the whole world more waterproof than this. It’s basically got water-repellent properties – water won’t dare come near you in this. Even if you try and jump into a pool of water while wearing it, you’ll just bounce straight back out again. It’s available now from Voo Store.


Levi’s 1954 501

Yeah jeans aren’t waterproof and when they get wet they’re real uncomfortable. But what else were you planning on wearing in this wet weather? Unless you’ve been real unlucky with the kind of rain that goes sideways, just walk briskly through it. These Levi’s are their most iconic silhouette, the 501, in Cone Milles red selvedge denim. Buy them from Norse Store.


Carhartt Camouflage Chore Coat

Two jackets!? Yeah two jackets. You need layering to keep in the warmth, and also to peel off in case you need to let that warmth out. This Carhartt WIP Chore Coat can be worn in addition or in replacement of a shirt, and it’s in everybody’s (some people’s) favorite print: camouflage. Buy it now direct from the source


PMRTVO Totally Bueno T-Shirt

You’re going to need a tee to go under that shirt, especially if you’re on a top-button only tip. This one by new T-shirt brand PMRTVO is from their first collection, entitled “Stone(d) Age.” Good tee though. Buy it now from Wood Wood.


Grenson Fred V Boot

After debating for a good while whether to include duck boots in the outfit, I came to the conclusion that maybe people who read The Sartorialist would wear them, but most people who read Highsnobiety wouldn’t. These Grenson boots with a Goodyear-welt construction are solid enough to withstand tougher conditions, and with a spraying of waterproofer you’ll be good to go. Buy them now from End Clothing.


Le Berlinois Umbrella

This is a pretty grown-up, well-made and classy umbrella from Le Berlinois. You know an umbrella means business when it’s made largely from wood. And although it might be pricey, if you use an umbrella you won’t need to buy any of the above because you’ll be completely kept dry anyway. So you do the math. Pick one up from SOTO Store.

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