As part of our project with Lenovo we teamed up with The T-Shirt Issue on a rather unique and innovative project. Using 3D applications that aren’t ordinarily meant for clothing construction, the T-shirts take on a conceptual format which sets them apart from their apparel counterparts. The underlying concept of The T-Shirt Issue is a digital reinterpretation of how clothing is constructed. Us reporting about the latest in fashion all the time, we are of course always excited to come across new techniques and new directions in a field which might sometimes feel a little stale. A t-shirt might come with a new style of graphics or in a new material, but the basic construction has hardly changed over the years. The T-Shirt Issue challenges that point of view and introduces new construction techniques that result not only in innovative looks, but also in better functionality. Make sure to read our recent interview with The T-Shirt Issue here.

Having the versatile usage scenarios of the new Lenovo Yoga tablet computers in mind, we fused the digital and the real world in our video feature, which you can now watch here above.

Check out further content about the Lenovo project here.

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