Backpacks might not be the most revolutionary addition to this year’s fall/winter trends, but in the past few seasons there has been a distinct shift in their prevalence, across all spectrums of fashion. Brands that might not ordinarily be associated with the practical carryall have been cashing in on it. High-end fashion houses like Givenchy have used the simple silhouette as a canvas for experimentation, using premium, luxury materials and bold prints to turn it into a coveted accessory. The iconic Eastpak is tapping into its heritage while simultaneously connecting to new audiences through successful collaborations with brands like Wood Wood, Raf Simons and A.P.C.

Naturally, with any trend, the influx comes down to supply and demand. More people are making them because more people are buying them. But why are more people wanting backpacks? The rapid growing cycling culture could have something to do with it. With more people not just cycling, but buying into a cycling lifestyle, brands have recognized the movement and are making the most of it. Because if you cycle, you’re going to need a hands-free bag that keeps all your belongings comfortably at bay and not constantly knocking into your knees, and there are plenty of companies willing to provide it. It seems sensible to apply the same logic to an increasing number of start-ups and freelancers. If you have to cart your laptop to and from the coffee shop/shared workspace/business meeting/home, you’re going to need something sturdier than a tote bag. So why not make it a nice one?

Heritage brands are reliving their peak by tapping into what sets them apart from other labels – their history and longevity. And the backpack game is no exception. Some of the most nostalgic, high school bag companies are now creating collaborations that put them in a whole new ballgame, competing with fashion bigwigs. As proof, they’re now stocked in stores alongside brands like Acne and Kenzo. Even new brands are harking back to old school styles. Herschel Supply Co. was founded in 2009, just four years ago, yet so many of their styles and silhouettes reflect a vintage hiking vibe – an aesthetic they’re now known and loved for. With the variety of backpack styles broader than ever, we’ve hand-selected 10 of our generation’s briefcases as a glimpse into what’s out there.


Eastpak x A.P.C.

Available from Voo Store.


Ghongjord OHNO

Available from SOTO.


Alexander Wang Croc-Embossed Leather Backpack

Available from SSENSE.


Goods by Goodhood Backpack

Available from The Goodhood Store.


Christopher Raeburn Check Woollen

Available from oki-ni.


master-piece Over-I Mountain Ikat Pack

Available from End Clothing.


Cote&Ciel Isar California Rucksack 

Available from End Clothing.


Givenchy Checked Cotton Twill

Available from LUISAVIAROMA.


nanamica Camouflage Cycling Pack

Available from SOTO.


PB 0110 CA 6

Available from the PB0110 web store.

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