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This fall, Oakley is taking wearable technology to the next level with the release of the Airwave 1.5 snow goggle. Airwave 1.5 combines Oakley’s superior lens quality with the high-tech features of integrated heads-up display (HUD). Airwave 1.5 delivers crisp, widescreen graphics using innovative prism technology. Integrated within the goggle is a device called Mod Live which acts like a car speedometer. The goggle’s integrated GPS system accurately measures speed down the mountain, jump analytics (height and airtime) and vertical distance traveled. Also it finds pinpoint locations on resort maps for locating specific runs. You can locate and track friends on the mountain who have an Airwave goggle or app on their smartphone.

Additionally, you can view incoming calls, text messages, music playlists and connect with social media channels via your phone. Mi-Fi and low-energy Bluetooth connectivity allows interface with POV cameras, heart-rate monitors, etc. Available in Oakley O-Stores, oakley.com and Apple stores and apple.com for $649 USD.

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