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Outlier is known for their outstanding clothing, always having the biker and active lifestyle in mind. For their latest release, the brand decided to produce their own take of the iconic bomber jacket. The outcome is the Soft Core Bomber. Movement, breathability and style all fall into the unique Outlier mix.

“Warmth (without overheating). Style (without noise). Flexibility (without compromise). A bomber jacket at the intersection of three core Outlier technologies. The OG Cloth (aka 4Season) is the fabric which the original Outlier pants were built around, and if anything it’s even better as a jacket. The patent pending Pivot Sleeve is built to optimize freedom of movement in the arms while the Soft Core construction is built to create a highly comfortable warmth without overheating for the cooler seasons.

One critical thing to know about this jacket is just where the Soft Core insulation is zoned. The chest and back are fully insulated with superfine merino on the inside, Primaloft Infinity in the middle and OG Cloth on the exterior. The arms and side panels however are strictly OG Cloth, creating a vest-like effect that amplifies the Soft Core construction’s natural warmth plus breathability.”

You can purchase the Outlier Soft Core Bomber jacket for $600 USD here.

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