The original Sennheiser Momentum headphones were the German brand’s answer to growing popularity in lifestyle and designer headphones. The lifestyle market for headphones had been a mixed bag of balancing quality sound with well-designed product. Unfortunately, most of the cans in this category failed to keep focus on the acoustic value of the headphones by overemphasizing good looks. The Momentum, which came out last year, was a proper first step by Sennheiser on retaining acoustic accuracy while producing a beautiful, forward design in headphone wear. The new Sennheiser Momentum On Ear moves it a step even further.

The Momentum’s younger sibling — the Momentum On Ear — furthers the Sennheiser range with well-designed headphones in various colorways that remain acoustically sound. Built on a slightly smaller chassis and driver, the On-Ear is a more portable version of its predecessor that can be properly powered by various portable devices including tablets, phones, and other music players. This is a fairly important note as many higher-end headphones require amping to sound good on lower power portable devices like the iPhone. A smart remote control and microphone on the Momentum On-Ear cabling are an added bonus for commuters.

As portability goes, the Momentum On-Ear sounds great when used in loud environments. The closed-back, over-the-ear design helps seal out ambient noise inherent to city living and subway commuting. The bass intensity is controlled with more focus put on the high and mid-range. This is not to suggest that the Momentum On-Ear is underpowered in lower frequency. Rather, it shows much needed control in the low range, a control that is lacking in many lifestyle-friendly headphones on the market. We are overall pleased with the sound of the Sennheiser Momentum On Ear.

As mentioned, the Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear comes in various colors — blue, green, pink, and ivory — and stores nicely in a matching carrying case. Find them for $230 on Amazon.

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