Interview with Converse's Michael Defoto on the Jack Purcell Duck Boot

Following our “Get Boots or Die Tryin'” outfit, we had the chance to sit down with Converse product designer Michael Defoto and ask a few specific questions regarding the brand’s Jack Purcell Duck Boot. From the get go, the shoe’s unique design piqued our interest making us want to know more about what makes the hybrid piece of footwear so versatile. Check out our interview below and pick up your pair in time for the unpredictable weather of the fall/winter season here.

How did the idea to do a JP Duck Boot come about?

The concept for the JP Duck Boot was created around the idea of crossing over the sneaker with a functional boot design.

Why did you choose to blend the JP with the Duck Boot?

We were looking to give the JP a functional and somewhat unexpected twist that still maintains a look that was palatable for everyday wear.

The concept of the Duck boot allowed the sneaker to be more functional in winter environments as well as provide a more casual and comfortable option to wearing an actual boot silhouette day to day.

What’s the inspiration behind the choice of color and material?

Jack himself was a true sportsman.. Avid fisherman.. And spent a lot of time out at the family cabin in Algonquin Park…I’ve been up there to visit and took inspiration from the Algonquin palette, the traditional weatherized materials and camos.

Are the JP’s distinct Duck Boot features meant to be more than just mere decoration? Do they serve a functional purpose?

The duck boot features canvas/leather JP nod to authentic duck boot styling.. Apart from the dense flat woven canvas which affords some basic water resistance, a boot leather was used to provide durability and warmth.The upper details are paying homage to traditional sportswear. The Jack Purcell outsole and toe cap are already inherently rugged and weather resistant and compliment the upper detailing.

Using the duck boot is usually associated with hunting gear and rainy weather. Is the JP duck boot supposed to bridge the gap between laid-back sneaker styles and functional footwear?

The JP duck boot is a great product to help us heighten awareness of the jack’s already durable rubber nature.. While not for the true outdoor application its hybrid nature makes it that perfect all around Fall sneaker.

What role does the Duck Boot play in the Jack Purcell universe?

The duck boot gives us a true seasonal mid cut.. And helps us celebrate JP’s rich history, interests and affinities. A duck boot guy loves tradition, and so does our Jack Purcell guy.

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