Back in June, Four-Pins reminded us of our undying love for the 1990s Nickelodeon cartoon series, Hey Arnold!, with a comprehensive, 74-piece breakdown of his greatest style moments. The guy had his fashion game on lock in fourth grade, can you even begin to imagine how strong it would be now, 13 years on? Well that’s exactly what we’re just about to do. And Arnold wasn’t just on point with his clothes either. I’ve only begun to fully appreciate the greatness of his bedroom now that I’m at an age where I realize a penthouse bedroom with a remote control fold-out couch and rooftop access is totally unobtainable. Take me back to those good old days of naivety where I was totally nonchalant about the whole thing like it ain’t no thing for an 8-year-old. It is. It is a thing. I can barely afford rent in a less-than-ordinary shared flat and here Arnold is flaunting his luxury pad like some kind of housing slut.

Illustration: MioneBookworm

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