Here is a roundup of our favorite comments from the past week. Besides the new look, Rihanna dropped a new video, Vertu released a cellphone that no one’s going to buy, Sneakerboy experienced some turbulent feedback, and Jay Z’s Hublot timepiece is a no-go. Be sure to keep the funny, interesting and bizarre comments coming, and in the meantime check out this week’s finest below.

#10 commented on: What Makes a Successful Collaboration?

Guest: Thanks been my bone to pick with all of these collaborations, a lot lack a wow factor but have a great marketing effort behind it…..maybe it should be the other way around 

#09 commented on: Supreme x Vans “Bruce Lee” Sk8-Hi and Authentic Preview

DELROY: I like the new site HS

#08 commented on: Pusha T and Elliott Wilson Discuss Kanye, Competition and His Relationship with Pharrell

Xavier da god: one of the weakest interviews. Not on pusha’s part but the way home boy directed it. The ending was like what

#07 commented on: Logos by Mike Frederiqo – Turning Designers into Brand Logos

Joe Mama: All I think about when I look at the YSL logo is him doing the YMCA

#06 commented on: Daily Paper Fall/Winter 2013 Baseball Jerseys

DYLAN: these girls really want the DP if you know what im sayin’

#05 commented on: Sneakerboy Aims to Blend Highly Coveted Sneakers with an Innovative Digital Retail Model

RR: why on earth would you go to a shop to try something on and buy it from that shop only to get it 3 days later…

#04 commented on: Jay Z Teams Up with Hublot on the Shawn Carter Classic Fusion

Mr D: Hublot put the ‘whore’ in ‘horology’

Forget all about Hublot. It’s a great way to tell people that you’re an idiot who has more money than taste. Hublot was a second-rate brand with third-rate craftsmanship until about 15 years ago when they arbitrarily doubled the price and started paying celebrities and sport figures to wear them. It’s been a marketers wet dream.

Bizinsider knows….

#03 commented on: Watch the Official Music Video for Rihanna’s “Pour It Up”

Sebastian: This may be even worse than anything Kanye ever did…. HORRIBLE!

#02 commented on: Supreme x Vans “Bruce Lee” Sk8-Hi and Authentic Preview

Fuck Me, I ride a bike: you guys need to make a forum, I’d never go back to hypebeast

#01 commented on: Vertu Introduces the Constellation Android Phone

Guest: for 6k, i would need to be able to throw the phone into a black hole, and the phone comes out of the black hole telling me all about the infrastructure of the black hole. But not before closing the black hole and spreading world peace.

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