Sweaters, jerseys and long-sleeved T-shirts might hold up the streetwear mantle better than a moth-eaten woolen jumper, but sometimes you’ve just got to give in to real warmth and comfort in these seasons of need. Because those streets are cold, and nothing provides the two better than a knitted sweater. With fall well and truly upon us, the shops are fully stocked with a wide variety of styles for even the most wool-shy, which isn’t even a thing I just made it up for the sake of this Buyer’s Guide blurb. With brands like Folk Clothing, YMC and Norse Projects bringing the goods, you’re going to be able to bring it out year after year so they’re a worthwhile investment. Just make sure you learn how to properly wash your sweater, because there’s nothing worse than having to endure the stench of damp, dank wool on a morning commute.

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