Where form meets function

Dior caught up with Chinese artist Qiu Zhijie at the Espirt Dior Exhibition in Shanghai. Qiu Zhijie is a contemporary artist who works primarily in video and photography. Concerned with ideas around the struggle between two forces of destiny, here he talks about his recent Light Calligraphy series, making everyday life into works of art through light writing. The Esprit Dior exhibition is an archive of the work of Christian Dior represented through different artistic mediums including sculpture and photography. “In 1947, Christian Dior sparked a real revolution by going back in time to the grandeur of France, that magnificent style of Versailles in the 17th and 18th centuries of architecture, decorative arts, paintings, “Art de vivre”, a model for the entire world that was subsequently copied. The height of sophistication, beauty and aesthetics”

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