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If you’re on a budget, eager to impress on Instagram and looking to book a holiday that’s the exact opposite experience to 5 nights in Kavos, head over to the Bauhaus website right now. For a bargain $47 per night, the design school offers you the chance to “Spend the night like a Bauhausler” in the Prellerhaus Studio Building at the Gropius designed Dessau site in central Germany. The apartment block, finished in 1926, housed students and “junior masters.” On offer today, reconstructed, minimalist dorm rooms kitted out in original style as well as a selection of special flats whose famous former inhabitants will set the theme for the space. The building still in the renovation process, Alfred Arndt, Josef and Anni Albers and Franz Ehrlich rooms are ready to rent from $60 a night, each kitted out with furniture, objects or artwork from each, all researched from original photographs. With the likes of Erich Consemüller, Herbert Bayer, Marianne Brandt, Franz Ehrlich, Joost Schmidt, Marcel Breuer and Gertrud Arndt having trod the corridors at Prellerhaus, this incredible experience can be yours for a bargain bucket price. Head over to the website to enquire and take a tour in our gallery.

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