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Inspired by Germany’s famous highway, The Good Will Out presents their “Autobahn” pack of the beloved New Balance 577 silhouette. The pack is divided into two models: Day and Night. The Day model is predominately grey, blue and white, with grey acting as the street’s surface, and blue and white for the street signs. The Night model is black, dark grey, red and white, representing the red and white lights that are seen flying down either sides of the highway on any given evening. The Good Will Out x New Balance 577 “Autobahn” Pack will be released on October 26 at The Good Will Out.

In light of the collaborative release, we decided to shoot a few questions over to The Good Will Out to learn a little bit more about the “Autobahn” pack.

The German autobahn is the inspiration for your collaboration with New Balance, why did you choose the German icon for this project?

The autobahn is world famous for having no speed limit. It attracts attention from car and speed lovers from all over the world. There are even tour operatos offering holidays for people who want to drive the autobahn.

Can you explain what attributes of the autobahn you picked up and translated onto the sneaker from a design standpoint?

The pack is divided in a day and a night shoe. The main colors of the day shoe are grey (autobahn) and blue/white (autobahn signs). The sockliner is pink and shows a pattern of the German driver’s license. The colors of the night shoe are black, dark grey (autobahn), and red and white. The inspiration came here from standing on a bridge above an autobahn. You see white lights coming on the left and red lights leaving on the right. We used this idea on the sockliner design and put a red 3M heel on the left shoe and a white glow in the dark heel on the right one.

You chose to work on the New Balance 577, is there a specific reason for the choice of this silhouette?

It was one of the first “Made in UK” models we sold when opening our store in 2008. We simply love the shape.

The shoes were produced in the Flimby factory in the UK by New Balance, what does it mean to you that the sneakers are made in England?

This is unique, it means a lot to us. Best quality! We love New Balance for keeping this up!

Anything else we should know about the project?

It’s actually my old driver’s license on the sockliner. :)

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