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The Washington Redskins have had their brand and franchise recently pushed into heated conversations fueled by political and ethical stances. With Native-American groups lobbying for the franchise and it’s owner, Dan Synder, to reconsider a name change, the team has been making waves on Capital Hill ignoring the obvious lackadaisical start to the season. Having had the role of defendant in similar cases vying for them to lose their trademark (a huge monetarily loss in the role of merchandise) so a proper name would be considered, a 1992 court case that took a 17-year journey through the legal system before it was disregarded by the Supreme Court.

Now, with the debate making its way into court again and onto the sketch pads and screens of illustrators, possible changes in uniform and nickname have been making their rounds on the internet paying homage to the Tuskegee Airmen of WWII and a more suitable alternative in regards to the Redskins tag, the Washington Warriors.

What are you thoughts on the renditions? Should they change their name?

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