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There seems to be a definitive pattern emerging between common and ubiquitous fashion silhouettes and their reinvention through the use of luxury fabrics. Take the Jogger Pant for example – which we explored in depth in one of our previous Trend Reports – instead of regarded only for sports, they’re now more commonly used as a template for designers to experiment with. Available in a variety of fabrics from exquisite leathers to hard-wearing cottons, any sportswear connotations are quickly shed when they’re worn just as another pair of everyday trousers.

The boom of the 5-panel initially took over the popularity of the snapback, but its over-saturation of the market meant that people have gradually started looking elsewhere – and away from their immediate hipster compadres – for something more original to go on their heads. Of course we have the beanie, like the loyal and noble steed it is, always waiting in the wings of colder days, but there’s something about a cap that brings the urban vibe that streetwear labels need and crave. The New Era 59FIFTY is an iconic staple in its own right, and will always be around, but a revival of the baseball cap is taking the headwear game in a slightly different direction yet again. Applying premium fabrics and colors, adding that iconic baseball top button, and maintaining an all-important flat brim for a contemporary update on a classic Americana-style.

To make sure consumers don’t feel too out of their depths purchasing something that might take them back to their days of playing Little League baseball, these updated caps oftentimes feature six panels and are referred to as such, so we’re still speaking a familiar language here. And before you try and shoot me down that we’re simply re-branding the snapback, peep the current future collections from a handful of our most coveted brands, including Wood Wood and Libertine-Libertine‘s Fall/Winter 2013 collections as well as the upcoming Spring/Summer 2014 collection from Public School NYC.

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