Last week’s installment of The Weekly Outfit was all about keeping the steeze going even when you’re bedridden with the flu, stolen kidneys or chronic I-Don’t-Give-A-F**k. However, sooner or later there comes a time when even the biggest slob needs to rise from his comfy dominion of couches and beds and get out “in the real world” to stock up on some commodities such as Doritos, or maybe even grab a coffee at the local coffee shop. When you opt for the latter you might want to dress accordingly, especially because that cute barista was giving you the eye – or at least that’s what you concluded. Anyway, people and girls in general are mostly drawn to the athletic type, because that somehow indicates perseverance, success and other manly traits that come in handy when getting in contact with the opposite sex. Since most people are more than reluctant to actually work out, such as the author of this text, we have to let fashion work its magic. Quick note on the side: this one is much easier to pull of if you’re already blessed with an impeccable physique though, such as the author of this text.

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