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KEF shares the new M500: a foldable over-the-air headphone for home and portable use that gives any full-sized headphone a run for the money. Housed in an aluminum body and outfitted with a multi-directional “Smart Hinge,” the KEF M500 has a certain flatness in design that allows for the headphones to rest on the ears with an isolated, almost sealed effect. The look when worn is one of flatness; the M500 sits on the head, without the expected bulk of full sized over-the-ear headphones, comfortably and beautifully.

As expected from all KEF products, the sounds quality on the M500 headphones is balanced with some of the best bass response I’ve heard in some time. Full and wide, the end rolls to the very bottom of the spectrum with triumph. Special Requests “Soundboy Killer” (an impressive drum and bass banger from his current Soul Music LP) plays with sharpness and fullness without amplification. Midrange sounds are just slightly suppressed in the soundstage.

As mentioned, the KEF M500 is a great portable headphone option; a hardcase is included for packing and storage. Consider these headphones for your next holiday. The KEF M500 headphones are available now for $300 from Amazon.

Photography: Thomas Welch/Selectism.com

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