Tuesday is Tumblrday. That’s why we have rounded up yet another five Tumblr gems for you to enjoy. This week’s lineup includes some inspirations for Halloween, the usual eye-candy to get the juices flowing, a creative take on New Yorker’s caption contest, as well as a hipsterized German chancellor and fun facts to break an awkward silence. If you happen to know some Tumblrs that need to be featured here in next week’s installment, tell us in the comments section below.


Monster Crazy

Need some last-minute inspiration for upcoming Halloween? Check out Monster Crazy for vintage horror galore.


L’heure eXquise

This week’s dose of premium eye-candy comes courtesy of L’heure eXquise.


Suck my dick, New Yorker

Nate and Emily Heller took New Yorker’s weekly caption contest and added a bit dick-sucking to it, putting a whole new complexion on the magazine’s sophisticated cartoons.


Fill the silence

If you happen to find yourself amidst an awkward pause, here are some facts to break the silence and get that conversation flowing again.


Hipster Merkel

An innocent portrait of German chancellor Angela Merkel looking directly in the camera in front of a field has ignited yet another Tumblr meme. Check out the hipsterized shots at Hipster Merkel.

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