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This morning, Denmark’s Bang & Olufsen launched the latest products in their BeoLab series focused on premium wireless sound technology: the BeoLab 17 compact loudspeaker, BeoLab 19 twelve-sided subwoofer, and what B&O considers the new icon and flagship, the BeoLab 18 floor-standing loudspeaker.

All three models in the Bang & Olufsen BeoLab line features audio technology using the newly set WISA standard for connecting components and speakers wirelessly. Outside of wireless technology, the new BeoLab models stand out for their beautifully designed housing: the BeoLab 17 features a single-shell aluminum body that wraps the loudspeaker with no visible edging; the BeoLab 19, with its decahedron shape features an aluminum driver ring on each of its two eight-inch drivers.

While the BeoLab 17 and 19 play a major role in the family, the new BeoLab 18 floor-standing speaker is the highlight of the set. Designed with the BeoLab 8000 in mind, the BeoLab 18 looks to lay claim as the line’s “icon” loudspeaker. Designed by Torsten Valeur, the BeoLab 18 features various lamella fronts in composite black, white, or oak wood; the latter preferred by this writer. The lamella front looks to mimic the directional sound of the speaker as it sits on an aluminum column.

Pricing the new Bang & Olufsen BeoLab WISA-enabled loudspeakers and subwoofer run from $3,990 to $6,590.


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