Welcome back for another installment of the ever-popular 5 Tumblrs. We once again scoured the vast and wonderful World Wide Web to bring you the latest from the Tumblrverse for you to scroll through. This week’s lineup includes rich-ass cats, the kind of amazing architecture and interior you be living in if you had your cat’s money, surreal animated GIFs straight outta Belgrade, shamelessly exploited boyfriends, and the usual mix of art, design and beautiful girls. As always, tell us what you think and leave us a link to your own Tumblr in the comments section below.



“Cats rule everything around me
C.R.E.A.M get the money
Dollar, dollar bills y’all”


Every Where You Want To Live

Pretty much living up to its name, Every Where You Want To Live rounds up a well-curated collection of breathtaking architecture and amazing interiors.


Sholim by Milos Rajkovic

Belgrade-based artist Milos Rajkovic’s whimsical animated GIFs are both hilarious and nightmare-fueling at the same time. See for yourself.


beauty is she

A well-balanced mix of art, movies, design and beautiful girls.


Sad Etsy Boyfriends

A collection of depressing pictures of men who have been roped into modeling their girlfriends’ aesthetically questionable handicrafts on Etsy.


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