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Soulland and Goodhood, old friends by now, release their first full collaboration collection for Winter 2013 entitled “We are all of us in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars.” If you’ve ever wondered what Oscar Wilde would wear if he skated in the ’80s look no further, the capsule line takes in both as its main source of inspiration, the result, fresh ideas along classic Soulland lines with some brilliant prints from the Goodhood gang. With seven pieces including button down shirts, tees, coach jacket, embroidered sweatshirts and chinos on offer, we chat with Silas Adler, Soulland co-founder and designer and Kyle Stewart, co-director of Goodhood, to find out a little more. Find the collection here.

You guys have worked together for a while. Can you tell us when and how the idea of a joint project came about?

Kyle: We had talked about it for quite a while, we just needed the planets to align and when they did we were ready to go.

Silas: It made sense. We share ideas and background so it was a no-brainer.


There’s mention of Oscar Wilde and skateboarding as influences, how do these translate in the finished collection?

K: The starting point for the collection was the old Powell joggers with the skulls down the outside. I had them back in, well, must have been about ’87 and they were amazing then and they still are now. That was the starting point. Unfortunately myself and Silas don’t skate anymore so we didn’t want to focus solely on that. The graphics are more about what we do these days which funny enough is lots of drinking when I see those guys, getting wasted, that’s where the Oscar Wilde quote comes in.

S: I was down with the skateboarding reference since it is a important part of my life. The drinking is also something that Danes and Scots can relate to. When Kyle approached me with this idea I was super stoked. Even though my past was in skateboarding I never used it as a inspiration for a collection.


What’s the appeal of skateboarding culture for you both? Is it something you’ve always been in to?

K: For me it’s the style, the swagger, the clothes and music. I was always more influenced by the style than how good a skater I was, I wasn’t very good although I skated for many years. It was very frustrating.

S: I have been in it since I was nine years old. Since I started Soulland and had my son a couple of years back I don’t skate so much anymore. But I check Thrasher, Quatersnacks, HellaClips etc…


Do you think skate style has changed much over the years?

K: In terms of core skate – not really. What’s been an influence for me is the people running the brands that transcended the core. If you hear the stories about Stussy back in the day, they were as influenced by Comme des Garcons as skate culture.


Silas, you co-founded and design for the label but can you tell us a little about your day-to-day work with Soulland?

S: Two days are never the same. I’m the creative director and designer so I take all the creative decisions. I travel a lot for production and projects. But in the office I work closely with my production team and design team. There is also a lot of business-related stuff that me and my partner Jacob go through.


Kyle, what was the initial appeal when you first introduced Soulland at Goodhood?

K: I think I saw a wooly bobble hat Soulland had done and liked it, it was a different brand back then though.


Silas, most people know the label for its all-over prints, who are the folks behind these illustrations?

S: I make most of the prints myself. I like to draw, paint and do collage work. So I put it on the clothing I make.


Do you think of Soulland as being particularly Danish in some way or are your inspirations/interests so varied that it goes beyond nationality?

S: I don’t see Soulland as a Danish Brand. Most of our clients are from outside of Denmark. But it’s not like I’m neglecting where we are from, don’t get me wrong we are proud of Copenhagen! But we are also part of a global world.


Silas, what’s next for Soulland?

S: The Future – Passed yesterday. I’ll keep you updated…

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