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Following up our presentation of the reimagined Supreme and Stussy logos, we continue our exclusives series done by Dutch artist Mike Frederiqo with the BAPE and Billionaire Boys Club logos.

Founded in 1993 by NIGO in Tokyo, A Bathing Ape has since gone on to become one of the most respected and dominant brands in streetwear. Both the logo and theme are derived from the 1968 film Planet of the Apes, while A Bathing Ape is a reference to the Japanese people’s tendency to bathe daily in water at temperatures above 104°F. So for the redesign, NIGO’s face is cleverly added to the brand’s instantly recognizable ape head.

Once NIGO had solidified himself as a force in the world of fashion, as well as DJing for Japanese hip-hop group Teriyaki Boyz, he teamed up with Pharrell Williams in 2005 on Billionaire Boys Club. As co-owner and head designer of the brand, NIGO’s iconic aesthetic soon found itself infused with Pharrell’s unique sensibilities leading to the brand’s astronaut logo. It comes as no surprise then that the American hip-hop producer is reimagined as an astronaut splattered with what can only be partner brand ICECREAM.

Enjoy the two pieces above and read our interview with the young artist here.

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