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Fashion and style website Reinfery29 recently had the opportunity to sit down with Nicola Formichetti, artistic director at DIESEL and frequent collaborator with Lady Gaga, for some honest talk about all things leather and denim, Lady Gaga’s genius, and why he’s dying to style Miley Cyrus.

Tell me about Diesel’s DNA in five words or less? 
“It’s denim, leather, and army that’s the most important DNA for Diesel.”

Which one could you live without one — denim or leather? 

Is there anything you wish you had Lady Gaga wear? Or, do you ever see something and just send it to her team? 
“Of course. I always forward if I see something cool. Did you see her outfit today?”

You said once that you’d like to style Miley Cyrus. Why, and what would you dress her in? 
“Yeah! I think she has a great body and she’s really cute. I think she’s like a blank canvas, you know? There are so many things I could dress her in. At the moment, she’s very Tumblr. She’s doing the whole young and cool thing, but I would love to put her in something a little bit more tough and more strict. You know, cleanse the palate and be much more strict.”

Read the remainder of the intriguing interview at Refinery29.

  • Photography: We The Urban
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