Truth be told, we’re always looking to bring more sports stories to the forefront – albeit with a slant that fits our current readership. We’re never gonna hit you over the head with sheer statistics, but every once in a while stories ranging from the phenomenon of Seventh Woods to reworked NFL logos seem to fit into the cultivated and highly-curated Highsnob universe. Forever enamored when worlds collide, a new project has appeared that combines our affinity for football, fútbol and graphic design. Football as Football imagines a sporting universe where NFL teams seek their logo inspiration from the crests/badges of soccer clubs throughout Europe – with the NFC and AFC East teams imagined as German club crests, the North divisions as Italian, the Souths as English, and the West teams as Spanish. Using design cues like the signature diamond shape from the Bundesliga, the vertical oval in Serie A and other key attributes, the result is an ongoing project that really captures the spirit of both athletic arenas.

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