When we think of solid, well-established, sizable mustaches we’re reminded of rugged, heritage Americana. Men like Tom Selleck, Daniel Day Lewis as Bill “The Butcher” Cutting in Gangs of New York, and even mister #menswear himself, Nick Wooster. All have held up the mustache mantle for years gone by. That is until now, when mustaches are seen in abundance across the city streets. November, aka Movember, is when raising money in an attempt at growing a solid block of hair on the upper lip takes over. But it’s all in the name of charity, and that we are proponents of. However, if you feel that the width and girth of your mustache aren’t suitably reflecting the characteristics of Tom Selleck, here’s an outfit full of that burly, strapping, Americana spirit to make up for it.

If you are interested in joining the mo-vement, or for more information about the campaign, you can visit their website

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