Another week, another carefully sought-out selection of 5 Tumblrs for you to follow and enjoy. This time around we take closer look at the equally fascinating and disturbing world of Korean plastic surgery, besides personal belongings people will save first from their burning houses, Twitter-inspired comic strips, and more.

You know the mantra – tell us what you think or leave us a link to a Tumblr blog you want to see featured in next week’s installment below in the comments section.


The Burning House

Imagine you house was on fire. Which items would you choose to save from the flames?



Random tweets act as the source material for the short comic strips found on the Tumblr blog of Boston-based cartoonist Mike Rosenthal.



MOTION STUDY rounds up a number of beautifully animated graphics by designer and illustrator Justin Mezzell.


The Broker Bodega

The Broker Bodega combines pictures of corner store items with with mock advertisements in the broker-speak usually encountered on Craigslist.



A collection of stunning yet downright disturbing before and after pictures of Korean plastic surgery.

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