Tune in and turn up

Coinciding with the release of The Complete Album Collection Volume 1, an interactive music video has been released for Bob Dylan’s 1965 hit-record “Like a Rolling Stone,” allowing fans to experience the classic track in unprecedented ways. The video showcases a patented technology platform, created by the digital media company Interlude, which “allows viewers to play an active role in the story of the music video.”

The experience begins when users press play and have the ability to surf 16 different “TV channels” within the video in real-time. These channels are comprised of American TV formats in which, no matter what channel you are on, the hosts and actors are all lip-syncing the lyrics to “Like a Rolling Stone” as the song continues to play seamlessly. No two people will engage with the video in the same way twice. The full interactive video can also be experienced on iPhones and iPads and is easily shared across social media platforms.

A number of recognizable TV shows and talent can be spotted throughout the film, and viewers will no doubt make connections between some of these appearances and the song’s lyrics.

Click here to check out the Bob Dylan “Like a Rolling Stone” interactive video.

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