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Continuing its 18-year foothold within the Silicon Valley, Mercedes-Benz recently unveiled their new research and development center in San Jose, California.

Nestled in the start-up capital, the German auto house outfitted a prominent, three-story think tank for its brightest minds to develop firsts in user interface and software engineering to create a seamless integration with the driver and the ever-evolving tech in the mobile industry.

As you pull up to the entrance road of the glass-encased edifice, you’re extended a warm German welcome by the rotating timeless star logo big enough to make Pusha T tuck his chain in. The newest offerings from the Germans lace the surroundings of the building in every trim imaginable including the speed-inducing AMG series. The lobby showcases upcoming tech and interactive experiences for visitors to capture the engineering insight of the company’s near 300 employees.

Each layer is dressed in bright hues to signify differing floors while adorned with whiteboard and glass canvases on every surface imaginable. The non-segregated atmosphere promotes a distraction-free environment for ideas to travel seamlessly through each department of research. Engineers are able to relive their childhood wall scribbling habits wherever a possible solution may be imagined. Coding jargon is as much a part of the decor as the miniature car replicas driven on the carpet race track.

This satellite’s main emphasis is to utilize the top minds in research within the tech mecca and employ the greatest strengths of its neighbors to create an adaptation of car experience and mobile connectivity with the likes of social media and Google. Adapting simple interior aesthetics with complex software, Mercedes-Benz also focuses on improving driver safety by avoiding distractions while driving.

In German fashion, the center mimics the simple exteriors with elaborate thinking under the surface while pushing its innovative technology to firsts within the car industry.

  • Photography: Christian Prieto for
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