Selectism Buyer's Guide: Japan Meets America

We have always been interested in the connection between Japan and America when it comes to clothing. Japanese brands, in particular, have long turned to vintage American garments for inspiration, re-imaginging fashions with detail and precision that the Japanese manufacturers are known for.

Fashion is not the only connection for designers and brands: Many have taken a liking to American culture and make heavy reference to America’s aesthetic timeline from Native American culture, wartime apparel, athletic wear, and workwear, to Ivy League prep. It seems where America has taken strides in mass production, market penetration, and fast fashion, the Japanese have slowly gone back to our past and sent it back our way, with respect of the originals.

Now, young designers are inspired by American-inspired Japanese designers around the world. Take a look at some of these exemplary labels and their garments, whether they are total reproductions of classic American looks or subtle nods to a life once lived.

The Real McCoy’s MC13021 Sweatshirt

The Real McCoy’s specialty is reproducing classic garments and making them better. Their main inspiration comes from American athletic and military histories with a main focus on authenticity. The Japanese label doesn’t cut corners on quality and construction, and ensures products that are timeless. Find it and other similar styles here.


Original Fake Damaged Vintage Wash Denim

Original Fake closed its doors this year, so their product is harder to find than ever. For those that didn’t know, the brand was headed by famed American artist KAWS, but almost entirely produced and sold to the Japanese market. The artist’s venture in clothing design in Japan seems to be a part of this ongoing aesthetic dialogue between the two influential cultures. Find it and other similar styles here.


visvim FBT Shaman JP

visvim is a Japanese cult label if there ever was one. What started as Hiroki Nakamura‘s passion to create the best shoe snowballed into a full luxury collection of truly inspired apparel. Kakamura travels the globe to becomes engulfed in culture to find the best production techniques. There has been a long standing Native American motif in visvim’s product offering, which is apparent in the beloved FBT Shaman JP moc sneaker. Find it and other similar styles here.


Chamula Horsehair Bracelet 

Chamula, part of Japanese-owned and operated Meg Company (Yuketen, Monitaly, Epperson Mountaineering), produce intricate hand-woven accessories out of natural horse hair. Designs are inspired by heritage Native American and tribal motifs. We like the this red and black, bendable steel band bracelet with engraved ends. Find it and other similar styles here.


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