Logitech has introduced the Logitech PowerShell Controller + Battery, providing console-style game controls and increasing game play-time on your iPhone 5s, iPhone 5 or iPod touch (5th generation) running iOS 7. To use Logitech PowerShell you simply insert your compatible device into the controller as you would with a standard case. The analog off-screen controls of the Logitech PowerShell deliver a gaming experience that’s familiar, with a D-pad, shoulder triggers and face buttons.

With your iPhone or iPod touch in the controller, you’ll maintain full access to power on/off, volume, camera, speakers, headphone jack and charging. And the controller’s battery increases the battery capacity of your iPhone 5s, iPhone 5 or fifth-generation iPod touch. Plus, you can recharge both batteries without removing the phone from the controller. The Logitech PowerShell Controller + Battery is available at Best Buy and Apple for $99.99 USD.

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