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After releasing the Mk3 at Pool Munich last year, the Mk2 at Wood Wood Berlin two years ago and the Mk1 at FourTwoFour on Fairfax in L.A. three years ago, here’s a look at the long awaited 2013-edition of the footwear collaboration by basketball brand K1X and fashion designer Patrick Mohr.

This latest version is made of high-end suede leather and will be available this December in three new color ways – red, orange and yellow. The Mk4 features several silent updates, including the workmanship of it’s collar padding, overall embossing and heel-strap magnet. As usual, triangles – a trademark of Mohr’s – are embossed and debossed on the shoe’s upper, while the tongue features triangular cutouts. The K1X DCAC by Patrick Mohr is a unisex sneaker that can be modified to a variety of different looks via two detachable accessories that can be worn as a wrist band or around the neck.

What was the inspiration behind the DCAC by Patrick Mohr for K1X?

Patrick Mohr: The inspiration behind this project is to combine the worlds of basketball, hip hop and fashion, but in a way that keeps both brands still recognizable in their unique characteristics. Something like that has not been done before.

What were the key aspects in designing the shoe?

PM: The triangle is my trademark, obviously. That’s why it was important for me to include it in the shoe as well. I’m really glad how the embossed triangles came out in the final product. Something that not many people know about me is that I’m actually a qualified carpenter, that’s why the wooden triangle on the front of the shoe is a very important piece to me.

What makes the shoe so special for you?

PM: The DCAC can be worn by everybody. Men, women, it doesn’t matter. Everybody can wear it and that is what makes this shoe so special. And you can wear it in many different variations with the straps and accessoires.

Is the 4th edition of this collaboration an indication of it’s success?

PM: Definitely – there seems to be even more buzz with every new step, also because we are continuing to keep quantities on a leash. Our earlier releases have become collector’s items, which makes me really happy as I am a sneaker nerd myself.

Tell us about the launch event you planned in Berlin today…

PM: We are celebrating the Mk4 in a really great location on Torstr. tonight and have some surprises lined up. The K1X crew and I are very much looking forward to it!

The K1X x Patrick Mohr DCAC Mk4 will release at special events in Berlin and Paris (Pigalle) on December 5 and will be available worldwide at fine retailers including Primitive (London), Feature Sneaker Boutique (Las Vegas), 424 on Fairfax (Los Angeles), Luisa via Roma (Milan) and k1x.com/shop from the end of December.

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