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Once again we teamed up with video director Kippenberger, known for his outstanding and signature automotive work. In the second part of our Bentley Mulsanne review in and around New York City, the beautiful limousine travels from land to sea and makes a stop at a helipad as well. Once again this is not your regular car review, but a storytelling exercise in its purest form. The Bugatti Veyron is also featured in this latest short film and makes for the perfect partner in crime for the Bentley. Like a video diary, imagine the short film to be a journey in the life of a Bentley Mulsanne driver. Watch Part 1 now here.

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Direction: Christopher Kippenberger
Music: DJ KAOS
Clothing/Styling: Agency V, Zana Bayne
A production.

Special thanks to: Benjamin Chen, Eurocopter , Good Company.

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