With the close of Art Basel Miami Beach over the weekend, we thought we’d continue on the art game and bring you an art-inspired 5 Tumblrs for the week. The art world is such a diverse place that any day you might find a Botticelli rubbing shoulders with a Koons, and where else but the internet, or specifically Tumblr, is this more likely to happen. This idea of contrasts has quite literally been translated in Swoosh Art – where old masters meet Nike advertisements. Also in the selection is a look at the people who look at art, great art hanging in ugly rooms, and much more.

As always let us know what you think and make sure to drop any suggestions for next weeks installment of Tumblrs.


Swoosh Art

Davide Bedoni’s fusion of high-brow renaissance paintings with Nike logos and slogans makes for some entertaining and surprisingly well-suited advertising.


People at Art Shows

Take a closer look at the people who, err, look at art. Whether you’re looking for the crazy outfits or simply the crazy people who are in attendance, this Tumblr makes for some interesting viewing.


Boris Bidjan Saberi

An impeccably well-curated selection of mostly black-and-white images, this Tumblr from designer Boris Bidjan Saberi gives us insight in to the inspirations behind the brand.


Cheap Flights For the Humdrum Jetset

Edinburgh-based collage artist John Muir makes clever mash-ups that are visually pleasing and witty at the same time.


Great Art in Ugly Rooms

This speaks for itself. There is something so wrongly satisfying about seeing beautiful, famous artworks on display in some truly atrocious settings.

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