This week’s installment of Tumblrs is a smorgasbord of our favorite things on the interwebs. Fashion, check. Music, check. Things to buy, check. Things we can only dream about buying, check. From the stylish guys at Opulent Gent, to the sweet musical porn on Luvriddims, or the horribly depressing-yet-hilarious Garfield Minus Garfield comics, check out our picks for the weekly five.

You know the drill, let us know what you think and make sure to drop any suggestions for next weeks installment of Tumblrs.


Opulent Gent

Street style meets editorials meets candid snaps. The strength of this fashion Tumblr comes from its use of various forms of fashion content, inspiring us both in everyday and high-art scenarios.



A genius Tumblr full of songs to get down to. Next time you get lucky, head here and get your soundtrack sorted.


Thomas Prior

Photographer Thomas Prior has taken photos for ESPN, New York Magazine and more. His Tumblr features a wide range of stunning behind-the-scenes images from photoshoots, film sets, travels, and the nitty gritty of real life.


Garfield Minus Garfield

Have you ever really thought about Garfield comics? If you take out the cat, you’re left with a bleak yet amusing look at the existential angst of Jon Arbuckle as he talks to himself and struggles through life.


The Minimalisto

A well-curated selection of our favorite things, from places to travel, ladies to love, and things to buy or dream about buying.

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