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The beginning of 2010 was a boom year for portable Bluetooth speakers; a boom that shows almost no slowdown. A variety of portable speakers that connected wirelessly to your smartphone and computers began to fill the pages of technology blogs and magazines, most of them retaining the boxy, rectangular form of traditional loudspeakers and monitors. Bluetooth technology allowed for speakers to become portable, but forward-thinking design was not doing much to change the form and shape of the products on the market.

Today, Bluetooth has been complemented by a host of new pairing technologies — like DNLA and Airplay — that make connectivity easier than ever. Others have begun to look forward in design, building speakers that complement and blend with home and office environments. Harman Kardon’s ONYX circular-shaped wireless speaker is a strong example of this forward push. Outfitted with the latest wireless pairing technologies and new acoustic innovations from Harman Kardon, the ONYX is a best-in-class speaker that brings power and precision in sound with a unique style that stands on its own. Using dual passive radiators on a 4-speaker chassis, the ONYX delivers performance and a wide soundstage meant to fill just about any room in your home, office, or hotel. Consider it your new portable speaker of choice. Available now from Harman Kardon online.

Words by Staff
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