Michel Gondry

Director Michel Gondry, best known for his work on The Science of Sleep and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind recently sat down with Vice’s Creators Project to talk about his latest film. Using the classic animation technique stop motion, Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?  illustrates conversations between himself and none other than activist, writer, philosopher and professor Noam Chomsky. Three years spent drawing each frame in his Brooklyn home, the short is most definitely a labour of love “It was my intention to show his humanity because I felt that if people see him like that, they’d be more inclined to listen to his life and the political aspect of what he has to say in politics and environment.” Not the first time Gondry has worked with the technique, the director recently convinced actress Audrey Tautou to star in Mood Indigo by sending a set of heartfelt stop motions. Take a look at the Creators Project interview below and download Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy? here.

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