One of the worst parts about holiday shopping is having to waste your hard-earned money on useless trinkets to stuff stockings. But it’s easy to turn stocking stuffer shopping to one of the best parts of the holidays, too. Surprise your family and friends with these perfect little goodies that are sure to please.

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Filson Oversized Stockings

Before we get to stocking stuffers, let’s talk stockings. Get these oversized wool options from Filson with genuine shearling cuffs. Available in a range of traditional tartans as well as some manly timber camouflage. ($64)


La Colombe for Saturdays Surf Coffee Blend

If you know anyone who loves coffee, or can’t seem to get a grip on what’s good coffee, get them this whole bean blend by La Colombe and Saturdays Surf. Medium dark roast. ($14)


Fort Standard Brass Bottle Openers

These solid brass bottle openers are left raw once sandcasted. They age beautifully overtime, becoming shinier with use. ($65)


Baxter of California x retaW Car Tag

Encourage your loved ones to branch out from Little Tree Air Freshners. Baxter of California team up with Japan’s scent makers retaW for a trendy car tag smelling of amber and cedar. ($16)


Kaufmann Mercantile Deerskin Palm Gloves

These knit wool gloves are water-repellant to keep your hands warm and dry in the cold and wet. Also available with black palms. ($25)


Warby Parker Snowman Kit

This playful little snowman kit comes with a purchase of a physical Warby Parker gift card valued at $50, $95 or $150. Kill two birds with one stone.


Claire Vivier Travel Backgammon Set

Bring old relatives together with this classic Backgammon set perfect for fireside family gatherings. ($250)


LITE + CYCLE Bergamot Candle

Candles make for good gifts for anyone, especially in the winter. LITE + CYCLE create these 100% plant-extracted, made-in-Italy pillars that have a whopping 85-hour burn time. ($68)


Levi’s Fair Isle Socks

Classic fair isle socks by a classic American brand. ($24)


Smythson Top Secret Notebook

This classic lined notebook has “Top Secret” playfully embossed on the lambskin cover. Also available with a “Restaurant Notes” embossing. ($80)


Human Being Issue 3

Need Supply‘s biannual publication is a small and compact compilation of stories full of beautiful features on travel and culture. ($10)


Hender Scheme Charles Chaplin Pencil Case

If you have a shoe addict in your circle of family and friends, make good fun with this pencil case by Japan’s Hender Scheme. ($184)


Teha’amana Key Wallet

Hand-cut and stitched vegetable-tanned leather attaches to a worn brass ring for a vintage and luxurious look. Available at Alex Mill stores for $76.


Muji Wooden Nutcracker

Muji smartens the traditional nutcracker, designed with geometrically-cut wood with a twistable bolt. With this, you don’t have to pick up shattered pieces off the floor as the main body captures the whole nut. ($16)


Vianel Card Holder

Don’t let the classic design fool you. Vianel uses exotic leathers like Indonesian ring lizard, which can either freak out your giftee or start a great conversation. ($220)


Todd St. John for Indoek Wax Kit

New York City-based industrial designer makes this limited-edition wax kit for Indoek out of Nicaraguan Roble trees. Great for your surfer friends or for those with New Year’s resolutions to start the sport. ($95)

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