Highsnobiety brought together two forward-moving entities, Nick Wooster and B&O PLAY, for a closer look at what it means to be a master in the field of design. With one focused on fashion and the other on audio, both take classic design elements and infuse them with simplicity, aesthetics, heritage and quality. To discover the similarities between the two, we took a look at Wooster’s personal playlist when we dropped by his Christopher Street apartment in New York.

Putting on a pair of B&O PLAY H6 headphones, Wooster walked us through his daily soundtrack song by song. Beginning with the “Intro” from OutKast’s The Love Below, his eclectic tastes are apparent right from the start. As a duo known for their unique and effortless style in both music and fashion, it’s no wonder the New Yorker chooses to start his day with them. With no time to waste, Jamiroquai’s “Canned Heat” reverberates through the headphones, the rhythmic guitar sounding crisp and the wobbly bass filling in the low end. Afterwards, we’re on to a remix of the uncontested classic “Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone.” Like many other tracks to come, the track’s soulful crooning combined with a modern dance beat reflect Wooster’s belief in blending the artistic achievements of yesterday with the aesthetics of today.

Soon, we’ve touched upon something that only reinforces our initial impression of fashion’s most wanted “Free Agent.” What makes design gurus like Nick Wooster and B&O PLAY so hard to pigeonhole is their willingness to experiment, innovate and improve on the groundwork laid down by experts. The forthcoming tracks continue to support this theory as Karen Young’s “Hot Shot” is sped up to 126 BPM and Sharon Redd’s “Can You Handle It?” is given a modern spin. Of course, several oldies are left untouched like “Are You Using Me?” by Luther Vandross and “Just Us” by Two Tons O’ Fun. Whether it’s done for balancing purposes or is simply a matter of taste, it’s hard to tell. One thing’s for sure though: you know impeccable taste when you see it.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself. Recreate our listening experience with Wooster’s playlist below through one of many B&O PLAY products.

About Nick Wooster

Origin: Salina, Kansas
Current Residence: New York, New York

After working as a menswear buyer and fashion director for various industry heavyweights likeBergdorf GoodmanBarneys New YorkThom Browne and Gilt Groupe, Wooster is now part-owner of Atrium Wooster, a select multi-brand boutique.

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